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a.k.a. the Grand Odyssey

Significant Advantage provides

strategic business coaching

that produces higher owner earnings
and more time away from your business

from idea to angel.

We call this journey the Grand Odyssey.

Four distinct phases:

1. Prepare 2. Incubate 3. Accelerate. 4. Invest. 


New product idea or business venture concept?

We help you prepare your strategic business plan
then incubate your enterprise.

Need to stabilize, pivot, or turn your business around?

We'll help you accelerate growth, scale your business through

expansion and/or strategic acquisitions.


Ready to transition up or out of your business?

We will help you prepare to sell some or all of your company,

and be ready to invest in the next generation.


Our methods provide freedom

of time, money, & energy

along your Grand Odyssey

so you can live & do what you love.


Win your future from idea to angel.

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Our coaches & advisors
guide you
from one mountain peak to the next.

As an entrepreneur, you decide what's important. Your time? Your money? Your family? Your aspirations?
Your legacy?

Our motto is,
"Win your future from idea to angel."


Following the peak-to-peak principle gives us new perspectives by elevating our viewpoint to see possible destinations before making key decisions.

Our strategic business coaching programs give you a peak-to-peak perspective to set effective strategic direction, map your next destination, and achieve sustainable business results.


We work to methodically solve critical business problems by continually evaluating strategy and structure for gaps and opportunities in your process or capacity - across revenue generation, client delivery, and business administration.


We want you to be able to increase business performance in order to accelerate your owner's equity, while building transferable value that's ready when you are.

In other words, make a lot more money and have more fun doing it while engineering a better future that gives you real freedom.

What clients ask us to help with

Win your future. Break free to do what you love.